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Portal© is now available for 64 bit Windows!
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Portal© OS is now available!
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Text-based online gaming is the most advanced and longest-standing genre of multi-player gaming on the internet. Developed exclusively for gamers by gamers, Portal© for Windows is the single, best choice for all textual online RPG's and is guaranteed to intensify your gameplay to the max. You can login to your favorite RPG world or choose from the hundreds available in Portal©.

Over a hundred thousand real-life people from all over the world are playing right now, this very minute, in hundreds of vast and detailed worlds. Meet them, talk with them, adventure with them, whenever you want - any time day or night!

Tons of features and loads of conveniences make Portal© far superior to any other product in the industry. It is quite simply, the fastest, most powerful telnet client on the face of the planet. The new player will find it simple to log on and get started, while those with years under their belts will discover all the features they want and need are not only present, but are quick and easy to learn.

If you would like more information before downloading, you can read the bullet-listing below and check out the attached screenshots. Also, the Portal© FAQ list may be of interest to answer questions about what you can expect.

The best way to experience Portal© is for you is to download it and try it out. The revolutionary, quick-creation Character Profile Wizard will hook you up instantly and easily, letting you dive right into the internet without delay. Also, Portal© is 100% shareware, which allows you 30 days of unrestricted use to drive it around until you decide to register. When you think about how much you will use a program like this, the low, one-time registration of Portal© is just about the best bang for your buck you'll ever find on the internet.

So go ahead, kick the tires, turn the key and rev her engine up to speed. Find out for yourself why Portal© for Windows is the most advanced MUD interface in the world.

What can this thing do for me?"

Below is a list of highlighted features for Portal© GT for Windows

Other features, all of which you will only find in Portal© for Windows!
...and much, much more!

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Some Comments by Portal© for Windows users

It's really quite stable and feature rich. It has a lot of nifty things, really, which makes it more than just 'useful' but also fun. I mean, every client now has aliases/macros/triggers, so it's the extra stuff that makes me enjoy it. Ease of use is important too."
My favorite things are definitely the HP bars and the status monitor. I have turned off my HP line, which streamlines combat a LOT, and the graphical HP bars really make it much easier to follow what's going on in combat. You don't have to think as much before you react. I use triggered sounds to track stuff like that in high-scroll environments, and with the status windows, now I don't need to."
The Autotyper is a big favorite for me. I do a lot of text pasting into the mud - court notes, mails, and especially guild file updates. Pueblo and GMud don't have anything like it, and ZMud's seems a bit anemic in comparison."
I really like the Ticker. It lets you schedule actions to occur at pre-set intervals. For example, in Court World I use one to 'hword targ' where I nickname somebody to my current target. Pueblo and ZMud have that, but it's not nearly as easy to use, so most folks never learn it."
The many Hit Point bars on the bottom of the screen are damn nice. It's great to see all that info constantly."
I think the sound ability is rocking. I LOVE the pagedown/up and scrollback options we have with it. I get lost too easily in scroll, so that makes it fantastic and easy!"
I think the built in sounds and images are cool. I LOVE the filters - instead of figuring out how to trigger it, I just add an entry to a filter and don't see a thing. It's great!"
I think the chat and tell monitors are unique to the client, as are the status and message monitors. I think the ability to selectively activate commands to retain is a great improvement over a global command line retention. I also think the ability to search your Keyhistory is an improvement. The Autotyper also rocks."
The Keyhistories (get this, there are two of them!) allow you to quickly grab a previous command easily. This rocks, especially if you made a typo in a huge line. Also, I have never seen a client anywhere handle ANSI so cleanly. Most will do the colors fine, but the flashing, underline, italics, etc. really sets a new standard for what other clients should do."
Unlike other mud clients, this worked flawlessly across my own network at home allowing both my girlfriend and I to finally enjoy playing together rather than just having our characters follow each other around.

Only one other out of 15 different clients I tried, worked with winproxy, and it didn't do so half as well.

The fact that the alias variables resemble the variable structure from the smaug code I build in, made creating aliases a breeze.

The built in text editor was like a customizable offline room builder. It saved me hours of internet time as I dont have unlimited hours, not to mention alot of money. I do all my building offline then log on and let the autotyper do the work for me.

Great Program!"

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