Q: I want more players on my MUD! How can Portal© help me out?

A: Get hooked up as a Portal© partner!

Portal© supports MUD promotion using highly visible branding on
the Portal© MUD List* along with the popular MUD registration program

Plus, we give discounts to "smaller" muds

Package includes all of the following:

Portal© MUD Registration
Every user that connects to your MUD via Portal© will experience all functionality that a registered user would under normal usage
There will also be a special message of your choice announced to the screen of all users of your MUD when they connect
In a nutshell, you register your MUD, and all your players get registered for free!

GameAxle Homepage Exposure
Your MUD's logo (150x35) put into the rotation you see on the left hand side there
It's clickable and linked to your MUD's website

Portal© MUD List* - Premium Branding
MUD logo (75x24) placed in the Logo column on the list
Boldface MUD listing
Premium sorting placement at the top of the list

Portal© MUD List* - Hot MUD Placement
MUD placement into the Hot MUD rotation at the top of the MUD listing

Rate: $300.00/year

The Portal© MUD List* is a real-time listing and connectivity
report of all known MUDs accessed by thousands of users
directly through the Portal© client

(Click for larger image)

All diamond contracts include a free Portal© shirt!

Mail here to hook up as a Portal© partner!

Ask about our site-hosting registration packages too!

*Mudlist data obtained through affiliation with TMC